Curated case study

This case study describes the use of CO as a tool for organizational development from management development. It means that for every manager sent on the program, 5-10 more are developed, not to mention engaged in driving change. As its execution in Lufthansa, this has the potential to revolutionize developmental programs of all kinds.

The  Impact Program:  Each manager in the program establishes a team of high-potentials back home through whom he or she carries the learning of the program into the organization, with the help of Circle Coaching modules. In effect, instead of a changed person returning to an unchanged organization, he or she returns to a team of colleagues eager to share the learning, and more importantly, help the manager carry it into action.

The IMpact Program addresses not only personal but also organisational developmental objectives for the LH Group across all airlines and divisions.

Each IMpact Team is given an 18-months open-access subscription to the complete catalogue of CoachingOurselves management topics for use with a team in their organisation.

Teams meet monthly for 90-minutes  to work through their CoachingOurselves topic of choice, which includes the content, exercises, and probing questions to stimulate the difficult discussions and reflection amongst members to drive change. This process generates dialogue, increases communication, and disseminates learning, anchoring the impact in participants’ day-to-day realities.

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