Peer-Group Coaching

Managers & Leaders learn best when they reflect and learn from each other in small groups, directly in their organisations.

We train HR to launch the peer-group coaching programs and provide peer-coaching modules on leadership and management.

Our approach increases the organization’s ability to self-develop, while building a culture of learning and collaboration.

Self-Directed Learning Experiences

Over 85 pre-built micro-coaching modules for only 90 minutes

This extensive catalog of guides ground a group coaching session to a specific management & leadership topic that is the most relevant for the group at the moment. Managers are naturally led to coach each other, which has strong and lasting impact on how the interact daily.

Organizations and teams can select the perfect theme for their leadership upskilling. The process is completely self-facilitated, personalized and fully focused on organisational needs.

Learn & change through (self) reflection and dialogue

Each session begins with (self) reflection and ends with action

The dialog is increasingly honest as trust builds

Each group creates a seed of community in the organisation

Understand why and how we do things & boost your self-awareness to be able to self-correct and improve dramatically

Peer-Group Coaching Guides

Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness

90 minutes once a month over 10 month has a far greater impact that two 7,5 hour days in a classroom, even through exactly the of time.

3-6 Group Members Practice On-line, Off-line, Cross-Functionally or Across Company

Issues of concern that arise at work can be taken into the Circle Coaching Sessions for friendly consulting, and results from this can be carried back to the workplace for driving change in the organisation.

Coaching Modules by the Well-Known Though-Leaders

Each conversation is guided by prompts and tips based on the science of connection and adult learning theory based on CoachingOurselves methodology.

Curated Case Studies

Fujitsu has used a custom CoachingOurselves program for management and leadership development. Now more than one in two middle managers have adopted this form of social learning for improved communication and managerial skills.


Lufthansa uses of CO as a tool for organizational development from management development. It means that for every manager sent on the program, 5-10 more are developed.  This has the potential to revolutionize developmental programs of all kinds.


This case study describes the success of CO as a tool that fosters social, collaborative, and emergent learning that leads to meaningful improvements in management performance and engagement along with its low cost, modular topics, and immediate relevance, has led IBS to broadly incorporate CO into many of its learning initiatives.


McGill began using CO to support rebuilding a sense of community and to offer collaborative learning opportunities to 1700 managers and supervisors. Feedback from the sessions was overwhelmingly positive and participants kept returning and encouraging their friends to attend.  


Reduce Costs of L&D

The topics do not rely on outside experts; there are no facilitators, trainers or formal coaches, just managers and employees empowering each other to learn from their own practical experiences. 

It does not require much preparation or time, it is not expensive to implement and it is self-explanatory. It can be done repeatedly.

All groups eventually become self-directed ensuring a highly scalable and cost-effective solution.

Broaden the Reach of L&D

Our disruptive peer-group coaching extends the reach of L&D to a larger audience of people, especially middle managers.

The conversations highly support the goal of encouraging people at many levels to share knowledge, co-create solutions, and foster community.

The list of topics available enables to address a variety of issues that managers at many levels and their teams struggle with.

Develop a More Engaged, Self-Learning Managerial Culture

The format of the sessions empowers participants to take responsibility for their own development.

The topic sessions build “trust networks” and stimulate social networks, thus flattening silos and building a unified, learning-oriented corporate culture.

How It Works

The same group of 4-6 participants doing one session (module) per month for 6+ months.

Begins with a “kick-off” and ends with an evaluation.

Large scale program

Our Peer-Group Coaching supports individuals / teams in reaching their goal, encourages, provides tips, inspires and gives further assistance.

It is about everyone being able to contribute something, learning from each other, coming up with ideas together and being able to develop ourselves mutually.