AI Culture Analytics

Partnering with Microsoft and PwC, our team of consultants leverages AI and Machine Learning to make sense of your HR data.

We leverage the endless set of workplace insights on the top of Microsoft Office 365 so that you can skyrocket your organisational productivity, transform culture and measure the impact of your mentoring & peer coaching program.

Intelligent metrics and built-in dashboards help you visualize insights and track change over time

Our team of data scientists and organisational designers will provide a way for companies to understand the communication behaviors and collaboration patterns across their organization and how they influence productivity and corporate performance.

Access Unprecedented Insights & Cultivate Behaviors Driving Measurable Outcomes

✓   Address wasteful collaboration & Silos

✓   Run more effective meetings

✓   Enhance personal & team productivity

✓   Drive sales excellence

✓   Improve work-life balance

✓   Up-level manager practices

✓   Orchestrate acquisitions via networks

✓   Drive transformations & engagement

✓   Scale behaviors of top performers

The Stakes Are High

✓     One bad meeting can cost you 30M USD per year

✓     Give each employee up to 23 days back per year that

        were formerly dedicated to meetings.

✓     Increase retention by up to 50% through 1:1 meetings.

Hackerly combines thousands of employee data inputs & proprietary AI algorithms to focus teams on the actions that matter most.

Nudges Create Lasting Change

We use nudges – the small, personal steps – your entire company takes the right actions at the right times. We activate every person in a way that’s customized, contextualized, and complementary.

Hackcult accelerator by Hackerly at PwC

A Unique 200-Days program for cultural transformation & behavioural change.

Cultural change consulting by Hackerly at PwC

Hackerly works in sprints to define, test, and iterate organisational transformation to make an immediate impact that can become an internal movement for cultural or team change while our consultants also embed with teams to solve priority challenges using new ways of working.