About Us

Hackee is evolving the way the world learns. By seamlessly connecting the right people, knowledge, practices and reflection through our apps, we help businesses and individuals to boost their innate superhero.  

Our Vision

To accelerate the transformation of 1 000 000 leader’s lives by 2030.


We imagine a world as a noble place in which the vast majority of people build on their innate superheroes alongside their superb teams, put other people first and execute against the world’s most audacious visions better together, so that everybody can feel empowered to win their own game every single day.


Therefore, everything we do is that we uncover and spread the new best practices to solve real people’s needs and help them become the best version of themselves as well as achieve way more.


We are on a mission to empower individuals/people and businesses throughout the world to become the best version of themselves by reinventing management & leadership education, at scale.

Our Key Metric

How many times can I make customers say “WE ARE WINNING” because you touched our lives for the better.

Meet Our Founders

Ing. Bc. Petr Zelenka


Obsessed by building great organisations, Petr is a Founding Partner of a global consulting network Hackerly at PwC specializing in organisational design, digital innovation and new ways of working.

Petr has started his career building on experience from marketing consultancy in London and his own tech startup initiatives as well as designing dozen of services like Tutorly, Proofer.io (formerly TweetProof) in the UK etc. As a Google Mentor, he advices, mentors and leads workshops for European high potential ventures.

Ing. at Ing. Eva Krotilová


At Arthur D. Little (management consulting and business strategy), Eva was delivering innovative proposals of new streams of income to major European companies in order to improve customer experience.

Having worked for frontier firms like T-Mobile, CEZ, Fortuna Group,  Cushman&Wakefield CEE, Philips, IBM, etc., Eva’s created movements of Agile Transformations at HomeCredit International or Philip Morris International where she helped self-organized teams achieve tremendous business results and spread new mindsets across the company.

Moreover, she advises, mentors and leads workshops in different CEE countries including her mentorship at Google with focus on Org Design, Dynamic Teaming, Leadership as well as Company Culture.

Advisory Board

A group of people we turn to for advice – usually playing the roles of mentors.

Antonín Raizl

Associate Partner at EY, RPA HUB Leader

David Brožík

EX-VP of Engineering at SocialBakers/Founder of SY9.AI

Jeff Wellstead

EX-VP of Global Employee Development at Oracle / EX-VP of Global HR at Symantec 

Jan Ambrož

EX-Global CHRO at Homecredit, EX-VP of HR at Ahold

Jana Abdallová

Vice-Dean, Director at Prague International Business School

Vlastimil Chramosta

Country Manager CZ, SK, Baltics at Veritas Technologies