Curated case study

Fujitsu has used a custom CoachingOurselves program for management and leadership development. Now more than one in two middle managers have adopted this form of social learning for improved communication and managerial skills.


96% Satisfaction Rate of Participants


More than 50% of all middle managers scaled CO Programs for their development.

Fujitsu performed an external assessment of its workforce and realized that their managers were having trouble finding opportunities for self-improvement and professional development. Fujitsu SSL needed to find a program that would help develop their middle managers while also encouraging communication among headquarters and the various offices, all at a low cost.

This program not only aimed at developing their middle managers but also at strengthening business relationships. An inaugural cohort of middle managers participated in 30 CoachingOurselves sessions where they were given the opportunity to reflect on their own management practice using carefully curated CO discussion topics. They shared experiences, opinions, and insights, and applied these learnings to their daily management practice.

Following this initial experience, the inaugural participants became facilitators for other groups in the second year of the program.

As a result of CO modules, Fujitsu SSL was able to increase cooperation and communication among headquarters and all federated units, expand their business, give their employees valuable facilitation experience, and increase collaboration with other companies. Due to the success of this approach at Fujitsu SSL, other Fujitsu holding companies, such as CWC, FCT, FJM, FMCS, FNETS, FOM, FSAS and Nifty, have also launched Circle Coaching programs powered by CO coaching modules.

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