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AI-Combined MENTORING & PEER COACHING APPS that reinvent how organisations upskill, engage and retain their talent with the power of behavioral science and love, at scale.

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How It Works

The right people, knowledge, practices & reflection equals growth.

Fully Branded & Customizable Apps

Turn On / Off the App Features to create your tailored iOS & Android Apps

Automate Management & International Coordination Work via our Admin Software

Put onboarding, matching, introduction and coordination on Auto-Pilot

Launch quickly even Multiple Programs in virtually any language

Dynamic Matching with Smart Multi-Factor Algorithms

Coordinated Matching

Control the process with your team and assign multiple mentors

Smart Auto Matching

Make great matches automatically based on your tailored criteria like goals, skills, interests or locations.

Self Matching

To really scale, put the power in the hands of your users and let them find their top matches based on our recommendations. You can put determine limits of how many mentors & coaches your members can connect with.

Matching For Diversity

Boost Diversity & Inclusion by creating matches according to gender, age, ethnicity etc.

Quick Sign up & Rich Profile Creation

Hackee learns your preferences and convenient times for your learning sessions

Goal-Setting based on Customized Organisational Objectives

Our questionnaires help mentees set the right goals aligned with your organisation and coach your mentors to define their expert focus areas that might help others the most.

Upload predefined skills & goals you want to focus on and let your members choose from them

Seamless Meeting Scheduler with Calendar Sync.

Book your mentors & coaches based on their real-time availabilities and receive an automatic calendar invite while any changes are displayed with a notification

Built-In Virtual Sessions enhanced by Feedback & Ratings

Hackee can ask users for qualitative feedback and rate their mentors in order to build their competencies

Unlimited Access via Chat

A messaging platform enables users to ask questions, share documents and catch up asynchronously.

Personal Action Items & Assignments with Tracked Milestones

Noting the key takeaways, the mentee’s & peers can get assigned by their mentors & coaches Personal Action Items they will take as a result of their session.

The built-in accountability towards their mentors with set milestones being tracked & push notifications to increase motivation and ownership of the assignments.

Mentor-Curated Micro-Learning

Contextual hyper-personalized development plan & resources in real-time. Coaches, Peers and Mentors can easily customize specific recommendations into micro-learning content & assign all to their mentees in order to practice after each individual session.  

Personal Reflection

Members reflect & document their breakthroughs to help them create real behavioral change.

It also serves as a “learning journal” for future reference to prove the impact & calculate the ROI of your programs.

Custom Surveys & Assessments Unlimited

Identify professional development needs, get feedback and track L&D programs tailored to your specific goals, behaviors and skills you aim to build.

Engage your Organisation with Events & News

Get rid of the endless event communication and coordination.

✓     Once you publish an Event, your users receive a notification, see event details and add it to their calendar with one-click. Meanwhile, you watch your list of attendees growing in Hackee Admin Software.

✓     Publish Organisational Events and view the attention and likes you get in our extensive Admin Software.

Micro-Learning Content Builder with quizzes and community features

Empower others to easily curate & upload content in a range of formats, such as videos, infographics and pictures, in a matter of seconds, whilst staying in control.

Hackee can ask users for qualitative feedback and rate their mentors in order to build their competencies.

People can share, comment and chat on every content item just as they would on social media.

Listen to your content like in a Podcast thanks to AI technology.

Add quizzes and polls to Micro-Content

Simply review content completion rates and quiz/poll results – per user, topic or content item to improve.

Fight the forgetting curve through space-learning

Yet employees forget up to 75% of the material taught – meaning up to $120B of that investment is wasted.

Extensive Analytics with Measurable Results and ROI Study

Get real-time insights about your Learning, Mentoring & Coaching engagements on the platform

✓     Resolve issues instantly and support relationships that struggle

✓     Identify the best mentors & talent,

✓     Close the skill gaps in your mentoring & peer coaching programs to onboard more mentors to fulfill your mentee needs

✓     In-depth Tracking of learning journeys

AI-Driven Data Insights

Understand sentiment of the mentoring relationships

Parse intent from mentoring & coaching conversations

Integrations & Entreprise Security

We happily create integrations with your LMS & popular enterprise platforms, such as, Workday, SalesForce, Google, Outlook.

One Software, Four Solutions

Making Learning Human Again


Great mentoring matches, best practices, guidance, measurement and built-in accountability to create behavioral change.

Peer Coaching

Perhaps the most effective way to support transformational learning.

Peer-Group Coaching

Launch your programs with over 85 pre-built micro-coaching modules to create your culture of self-learning and collaboration.

AI Culture Analytics

Partnering with Microsoft and PwC, we leverage AI & Machine Learning to make sense of your HR data.