Hackee Keeps On Giving

Beyond our software product, as our client you’ll get additional support.

Identify Your Talent Goals and Areas For Development


Together with a dedicated Senior Behavioural Scientist, you’ll identify who in your organisation will benefit most from mentoring & peer coaching as well as customise your program.

Meet your Dedicated Senior Behavioural Scientist for monthly check-ins and strategic consultation..

Get Guidance and Resources

We provide a mentoring framework, content library, and individual support from our team throughout.

Email templates and cheat sheets for marketing internally, onboarding users, driving engagement, and recognizing high achievers.

Access our Cutting-Edge Learning Content

Our library of tools, case studies, essays, and trainings we use with our Fortune 500 clients designed to help you make your culture a competitive advantage.

We put a lot of love, research, and effort into sharing new and emerging practices with you.

We want everyone to benefit from the new practices and old wisdom we’ve been collecting for the last seven years.

Continuous Learning Design  & Delivery by Hackerly at PwC

Enhance your programs by our leading-edge in-person/online workshops and panels on related topics executed by Hackerly at PwC

Our implementation can include ‘The Art of Mentoring’ workshops along with training for mentors and mentees via Hackee Academy.

Managed Mentoring & Peer Coaching

Hackee run mentoring & peer coaching, at scale.

Top personalized experience run end to end by our experts to deliver measurable results, faster.

We help users define goals, match them to great mentors and stay involved to keep them on track while gathering feedback to measure results.


Learners get an all-star support

Mentors and Hackee certified mentoring experts work closely to ensure success.

Measure What Matters To You

Hackee provides analytics on individual behavioural outcomes, as well as business-level impact.

Every three months, Hackee can send employees a questionnaire to track specific data points, like employees’ assessments of their focus, problem-solving, influence, “mental agility,” and “presence” over time.

ROI Study

Our team can perform a business impact study for your organization, quantifying the ROI delivered

Sit back, relax and watch your employee productivity and retention go up!